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Jorg Janke jjanke at
Fri Jan 19 15:23:28 UTC 2001

I would like to raise three issues:
a) License issues
b) Compiere license
b) Open Source Trademark

a) General License issues
- I am a bit frustrated about the process; I had to submit our suggestion
three times before receiving the first feedback.

- If you only want to deal with the Fortune 1000 - please say so.

- The current "ready to use" licenses available are inconsistent and there
is no guideline when to use what

- If you want to take the Open Source License seriously, but don't want to
deal with the "little guys", I suggest you come up with some templates - or
do something like eTrust

- I don't think that people would mind the alternative: use one of the
following templates or pay a fee for us looking at the license - assuming
that there are templates available and some guideline for non-lawyers when
to use which.

b) Compiere License ( or
- The feedback/critique I received was valid, but my reply unanswered.
- Could you please tell me if I should just forget about it, come back
later, .... ?

c) Open Source Trademark
- As you know, the 'characteristics' of Open Source projects are very
different.  Recently, there are quite a few companies using the Open Source
as marketing tool (in addition to the failed commercial projects)

- I think, you guys need to come up with some guidelines on 'ethical' Open
Source projects. I realize that there is a fine line ... and Tim O'Reilly
would not support an Open Book Source project similar to the original

- I suggest that you come up with some guidelines (and even approval
process) to separate the "good" from the "others".

- Some of the major points, I see:
	- Does it need to compile (out of the box in defined environment) ?
	- Does it need to be installable (out of the box in defined
environment) ?
	- Can it rely on or requite products only commercially available ?
	- Can you charge a download fee ?
	- Would you be able to use the product without paid support ?

- To test your criteria, you should have a look at - try
to install it, try to do something with it (you can't get support from if you have not paid for the estimated $100,000
implementation project)

- Another test criteria would be Compiere. Our intension is to make Compiere
THE ERP system for the little guy with 50% market share - by giving it away
and offering support for the not so technically/functionally inclined.  But,
our credo is, that it has to work out-of-the-box without limitations or
outside help - Our targeted guarantee: "up and running 2 hours after
download or shame on us". We see the main acceptance in third world
countries (who would not be able to pay anyway) resulting in an active user
and developer community.


Jorg Janke		Smart Business Management Solutions		Open Source ERP for the
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