IPL as a burden

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 16 18:16:00 UTC 2001

begin Manfred Schmid quotation:

> Still I do not see IPL being incompliant with the OSD.  [...]
> We do not feel that the license is an obstacle.

Then your first problem is a failure of realism.  

Mr. Schmid, you've spent considerable amounts of the list readership's
time talking about your company's business model, explicating the
rationale behind profit-seeking activities, inviting sundry concessions,
and asserting repeatedly your opinion that your licence draft as written
is OSD-compliant.  What you have _not_ done is substantively addressed
numerous areas, identified early on, where your licence is far, far
outside OSD principles.

Please end this.  Either take some serious amount of time rewriting your
licence after a careful reading of the OSD, or drop the intention to
claim "open source" status.  Depending on your product, market, and
product strategy, one can build a business case for either approach.

But you cannot lobby and bluster your way past OSD compliance.  You can
save a great deal of your time and ours by giving up that effort.

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