Compiere Open Source License Approval

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Tue Jan 16 03:48:42 UTC 2001

Hi David,

I see your point.

The software comes with a toolkit. If possible, I would like to prevent that
people just use the toolkit. The objective of the toolkit is to support the
ERP application.  I am not concerned, that someone changes/disables the
posting or customer information.


Jorg Janke		Smart Business Management Solutions

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On Monday 15 January 2001 06:00 pm, Jorg Janke wrote:

> Please approve the attached Compiere Open Source License draft and/or
> suggest changes. Please feel free to post the license suggestion and
> reference my name,

It's rather good, *except* for the following clauses:

> Deleting from the substance or structure of Licensed Products or disabling
> or hiding of functionality requires explicit permission by the
> Contributors.

> Replacing existing
> functionality requires explicit permission by the Contributors.

These clauses are the kiss of death. You won't get approval with them in. 

If you are worried about your company's "reputation" by someone altering the

functionality, require all derivitives with altered functionality to be 
released under a different name. A trademark on the software name would also

go a long way. 

David Johnson
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