AFPL vs. GPL-like licenses?

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Mon Jan 15 15:55:02 UTC 2001


> What are the implications of using AFPL versus using GPL?

Finally, I can give something back to this mailing list! Some months ago I
was looking for a license for a "open source" project as well. I was willing
to use GPL until I discovered this 'flaw'. What struck me as odd was the
fact that third parties are allowed to make money of a product that they get
for free.

It reminds of something I did in my childhood (I must have been 12 years old
or so). Somebody gave me a collection of comics that he knew I liked. I read
most but when I got tired of them I try to sell them in a yard sale. Then my
brother pointed out to me that I shouldn't sell anything that I got as a
present. I understood the mistake I made and waived from selling them.

Now that I have my own 'present' to give to 'the software society', I'm
afraid that some people might _willingly_ make the same 'mistake' I made.
They are allowed to do so under the GPL.

Somebody pointed out the AFPL to me. I was immediately convinced the first
time I read it. I've added a clause covering potential patent infringements
and that's the license my company is going to use for our game toolkit:

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