What is Copyleft?

Fred Patrick fpatrick at net1.net
Sat Feb 24 20:13:23 UTC 2001

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> On Saturday 24 February 2001 06:28 am, Fred Patrick wrote:
> > Are there more details about not being able to copyright an API?
> > Does API in this usage apply to CORBA interfaces as well?
> >
> > If so it doesn't make much sense to me.
> I wish I had more details. I am only going by my recollection. I probably
> mispoke when I said you couldn't copyright an API. I'm fairly certain you
> can. But I don't think you can prevent anyone from either using
> it or writing
> a different implementation of it.
I am not so concerned about someone using the API but rather that they
modify the API specification. In the CORBA world, I do not care that someone
implements an interface but I do care if they make changes but still purport
to be implementing the same interface.
Fred Patrick

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