What is Copyleft?

Dave J Woolley david.woolley at bts.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 20:59:33 UTC 2001

> From:	Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. [SMTP:rod at cyberspaces.org]
> I don't understand your last sentence, and it sounds as if you might be
> making an important distinction. I am confused by your reference to linked
> to static version and "unlinked objects." How could both be occurring with
> the same library?
[DJW:]  When you build an executable that uses glibc, you
first compile the various parts to create unlinked object
files.  You then either link those against the static version
of the library to create a completely self contained executable,
or you link it against the dynamic version to create a dynamically
*linked* executable, which can load the full text of the library 
and run time.  There are three possibilities here:

- unlinked (LGPL gives a dispensation on the headers used);
- statically linked;
- dynamically linked.

You can build glibc as either a static library or a dynamic 
library, and development systems would normally have both.

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