Transfer of Copyright

Ben Tilly ben_tilly at
Thu Feb 22 18:30:06 UTC 2001

Jimmy Wales <jwales at> wrote:
>It would be delightful if people could post sample documents for
>the transfer of copyright.
>Someone asked something about transfer of copyright to for-profit
>companies.  The idea is that some authors may be wary of transferring
>their rights to a for-profit company, even though the software has been
>released under GPL.

Particularly with what was just pointed out that you can
only complain if you still own copyright.

>At Nupedia (free encyclopedia using GNU FDL), we are hoping to deal
>with that issue by setting up a non profit foundation, the sole job
>of which is to own and defend the copyrights, i.e. to enforce the

If your product is GPLed, is there any reason to not use
the FSF for this?  Though if you do that, it would be
polite to donate to them something to defray any extra

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