Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Thu Feb 22 14:49:40 UTC 2001


A few more things before I send the files:

> Netscape folders are normal mbox files, aren't they? 

Yes, AFAIK, except:

1.  There is an associated index file (.snm) which you can just ignore.

2.  I collected these on Windows, so I suspect they will have a <cr><lf>
where Linux expects just a <lf>.

3.  I will zip them using WinZip.  I believe you will be able to unzip
it with Linux tools because WinZip can unzip .gz files.  If you know you
cannot handle these, let me know -- I can move it to my Linux box (after
I reestablish a connection) and use gzip or whatever.  It will still
have the <cr><lf> problem.

4. The batch I will send you first is about 2 megs zipped, 8 megs
unzipped.  Will that be a problem?

5. The first batch ends around August, 2000.  When we confirm working
arrangements, I will zip the remainder, from then until now.

6. I subscribe to several mail lists.  I sometimes filed posts from
other mail lists in this file if they seemed relevant to open source
licensing issues.

Randy Kramer

PS: I will not send the zips to the list, but to you directly. ;-)
(Unless someone requests otherwise ;-)

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