Assigning copyright

David Johnson david at
Thu Feb 22 06:11:52 UTC 2001

Since I can't locate the archives anywhere, could someone either point me to 
them or offer a recap of a prior discussion?

Not too long ago we were discussiing assigning copyrights to a project. This 
subject has since entered my reality and bit me on the rump :-) I'm not sure 
if that discussion covered my questions, so I'll sum them up.

I now have in my possession a contributed piece of code with an emailed 
agreement to assign the copyright to me (since there is no umbrella 
organization to assign it to). The pragmatic part of me says that this is the 
legally sensible thing to do, while the idealistic side says that it was 
incredibly presumptious even to ask. Was this the legal/ethical thing to do? 
And now that it's done, how does it actually get implemented? Do I refer to 
the contributor/author as a contributor or an author? yada yada yada


David Johnson

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