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Ravicher, Daniel B. DRavicher at
Fri Feb 16 15:01:32 UTC 2001

C'mon now.  This is obviously a very galvanizing article for free software -
open source.  Let's not be sheep and think any news organization is the
pocket of one company.  Remember, when it comes to news, more companies in a
particular market = more competition = more desire for differentiation =
more advertising = more money.  Plus, fighting and confrontation gets people
to read and tune in later for updates.

Since we all have the utmost confidence in the free software concept,
there's nothing to be concerned about.  Let MS argue Linux is bad; that's
their right (and their credibility at stake).  Let MS argue Linux is a
competitor (as they did to Penfield Jackson); that's free press for Free
Software.  To me, this article is a win-win for Free Software.

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