Converting/Splitting Code - Open to Closed

Dave J Woolley david.woolley at
Wed Feb 14 17:11:13 UTC 2001

> From:	Lawrence E. Rosen [SMTP:lrosen at]
>    (a) the invention was known or used by others in this country,
>    or patented or described in a printed publication in this or
>    a foreign country, before the invention thereof by the applicant,
>    or
[DJW:]  That seems to raise a couple of questions:

- should open source code be published in printed, as well a
  machine readable form, to improve the chance that code 
  produced outside the USA would count for the above;

- does typical program source code "describe" its intellectual

On another tack, does use have to be productive, or could
one cover oneself by running a regression test that excercises
all the code in the US?

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