Use of GPL without any intention to enforce

Rick Moen rick at
Tue Feb 13 02:27:54 UTC 2001

begin Chris Sloan quotation:

> Also, some organizations (like Debian, for example) are complete
> sticklers for licenses.  If someone wanted to use your code with a
> non-GPL'ed program, these sticklers would refuse to reject or
> distribute the program, even if you had intended that to be okay.

It's wise to be precise in one's wording, in these matters:  I believe
you mean "If someone linked your code to a codebase with a
non-GPL-compatible licence, these sticklers would refuse to distribute
the derivative work, even if you had intended that to be OK."
Otherwise, any other interpretation I can come up with for the above is
just plain mistaken.

As an aside, even with such "sticklers" if you were to put your "OK" of
that derivative work's creation in writing, the "sticklers" would
probably be glad to insert your wording into a COPYING.Addendum file,
and then distribute like mad.

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