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> >If OSI can't clear their backlog very soon, OSI certification will become
> >irrelevant and SourceForge acceptance will become the preferred test for
> >whether a license is open source.
>I quite agree. As a constructive suggestion, perhaps the OSI should 
>consider forming volunteer focus groups, like one for each license, to 
>examine each license in as detailed a manner possible and to report to the 
>OSI board for final decision? I am quite sure that there are many people 
>in the world (notably on this list) who would be happy to devote time to 
>this (myself included).

I agree with Sam on this one, i too am willing to volunteer some of my 
time, talk to layers, and deal with licenses submitted from European and 
Asian countries. From my own experience, this group (composed by the 
mailing list members) is very helpful, and they made me realize that my 
proposed license (DanielMD Proposed License) was unnecessarily, so the 
world is free of yet another software license, i will adapt the BSD/MIT 

It always astounds me how many of the real world bureaucratic processes end 
up having equivalents in electronic/virtual world. I think that a open 
license review system should be implemented. My guess is that with the 
implementation of volunteer focus groups, the backlog would be reduced to 
ZERO by the end of the year.

To the OSI Board of Directors or (Decision Makers), a open source group, 
and hopefully open minded group of people, i here reiterate SamBC 
suggestion, and ask the respectable members of the OSI Board of Directors 
to seriously consider the volunteer focus groups proposal.

>Sam Barnett-Cormack
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