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Joseph Reagle reagle at w3.org
Fri Aug 31 15:09:28 UTC 2001

On Thursday 30 August 2001 23:53, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Why didn't you tell me??  Because if you don't bother asking us how
>     the license approval is going, you obviously don't care.  If you
>     don't care, we don't care.

I fear this style of collaberation isn't as productive as *anyone* would 
like. Instead I offer the following:

2. I document my expectations, dependencies and requirements, and I try to 
extract clear comitments from others. I've probably read your email, and I 
try to frequently refer to your Web pages, but I'm not reading your mind. 
Mure your pages say what you mean and get an affirmative response or 
commitment from me if you want to be sure I understand.

> In other words, if you want it approved, and you've submitted it and
> haven't heard from us, resubmit it.

Please deprecate the original policy [1] and include this information. I will 
resubmit our license in compliance to [2] to license-discuss@, 
license-approval@ and osi@ since I'm still confused about this part of your 

[1] http://www.opensource.org/certification-mark.html#approval
[2] http://www.opensource.org/docs/certification_mark.html#approval

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