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Ian Lance Taylor ian at
Tue Aug 28 23:30:07 UTC 2001

Daniel MD <IM-Thinking at> writes:

> >     The result is that forking in GPLd projects is rare, and
> >     reconcilliation has been known to happen.  The Alan Cox (ac) Linux
> >     kernel series is a persistant, but narrow, fork of Linus's own
> >     development.  emacs/xemacs is probably the most significant
> >     persistant fork.  Many window managers are forks of initial
> >     development:  twm begat fvwm bgat fvwm2 begat WindowMaker, E, and a
> >     slew of others.
> And this is why i don't use most Linux Distributions (RED HAT, SUSE,
> etc...)you get 100 programs that do basically the same thing, almost
> without a distinguishing feature, i consider this neither productive
> or evolutionary positive.

I agree that it is not globally productive, but I think that it is
evolutionarily positive.  Neither evolution nor capitalism work by
building upward step by step.  Both work by trying many different
possibilities simultaneously, then cross-breeding among them.

A permanent fork can be a bad thing.  But many temporary forks, in
which temporary forks merge with each other and the best of the
temporary forks merge back into the mainline, is a good thing.  It
opens the doors for more creativity and avoids the risk that a good
idea will be stamped out too early.

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