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David Johnson david at
Tue Aug 28 04:59:38 UTC 2001

On Monday 27 August 2001 09:44 pm, Greg Herlein wrote:
> > To quote
> >
> > ``You should also have the freedom to make modifications and use them
> > privately in your own work or play, without even mentioning that they
> > exist. If you do publish your changes, you should not be required to
> > notify anyone in particular, or in any particular way.''
> >
> > So it would not be free software by the FSF's definition.
> I disagree.  The author stated that if you publish your changes
> that you had to send them to him too.  I see no conflict with the
> above in that area.  Unless I missed something, the original
> author did not say anything about making your own private changes
> available back to him.

That's the point. If you have to send the changes to the author, that is 
clearly the same thing as notifying someone in particular.

David Johnson

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