License Counseling

Daniel MD im-thinking at
Mon Aug 27 12:53:31 UTC 2001

Hello, my name is Daniel MD.

I find myself in need of counseling, in the matter's of software licensing, 
i would like to know if there is a comparative map of the approved 
licenses, if not i would like if someone form this list to council me in 
the following issues.

I have developed a software program and corresponding documentation, (man 
page, user guide, developer guide).
I wish to release the program to the world, make it open source, everything 
is modifiable program and documentation, but other developer's have to 
report the modifications to me (the founding member) by sending me a copy 
of the modified program or/and application/documentation (this includes a 
book copy)for free, i do not need to approve the modifications, they (other 
developers) can do what they want with the program and documentation, 
modify it and sell it if they wish to do so, or create a book with the 
documentation and sell that if they wish to do so, the only requirements is 
that the modifications contain a URL (pointing to the development members 
names web page), a email address (pointing to the original program mailing 
list), and that the developers join themselves to the web page and mailing 
list, (users are not obliged to sign in, only developers).

I would like to know which already created license approaches closer to my 

I would also like to know, other resources dealing with the matters of 
software licenses, book's web pages, free attorney advisory/counseling, any 
further resources would be very useful and appreciated.

Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.
Daniel MD.   

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