Group copyright, and customising standard licenses

Magnus Lie Hetland mlh at
Fri Aug 24 15:51:56 UTC 2001

The anygui project ( is trying to formulate
a license. Basically, we're using the Python license
(2.2) but want to distribute a license file with our
software -- and in doing so, we need to customise the
license, supplying a copyright holder, and changing the
name of the project etc.

A first attempt may be found here:

The question is: Is it possible (valid) to use terms like
"the authors of anygui", and the like, without providing a
specific list, or some formal organisation or definition?
How is this normally done, with all the thousands of
SourceForge projects using standard license?

Thanks for any pointers.


  Magnus Lie Hetland

 "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in
  it, doesn't go away."           -- Philip K. Dick

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