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Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Aug 9 15:49:32 UTC 2001

Matthew C. Weigel writes:
 > What would be an example?  The popular "oops we didn't mean to include
 > old revisions that make disparaging remarks" kind of markup?  I'd think
 > that it's what prints out that counts.

Right, that's my point.  CR and LF are a form of markup which, when
properly rendered, are invisible.

 > Is asking submissions to be in plaintext unacceptable?

Not unacceptable, but since we're going to publish the license in HTML 
format, we want the license submitted in that format.

 > > Nope.  They want to specify jurisdiction, because they've had a
 > > problem in the past with jurisdictions which aren't friendly to open
 > > source.  They didn't specify which one it was.
 > My opinion is that "MIT License with specified jurisdiction" should be
 > approved, as this seems like a valid concern.

It's in process.

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