Quick Reference For Choosing a Free Software License

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 9 04:49:51 UTC 2001

begin zooko at zooko.com quotation:

> I've written a table comparing a few of the more frequently chosen licenses.
> http://zooko.com/license_quick_ref.html
> Doubtless, the inaccuracies and biases presented therein will frustrate some
> people, but I have observed a need for such a table, and earlier revisions of
> this document have satisfied the need, so now I'm going to make it public.

Zooko, I like it.  A lot.  It has the advantage of brevity and clarity,
those being rare virtues in areas frequented by gentlemen of the Bar.

If you can fit the concept into such a gem of conciseness, you could
explain that it's not just _dislike of the unfamiliar_, but also the
mounting problem of licence combinations in derivative works.

Suggestion:  Put some sort of licence statement for the _page_ at the
bottom.  It would be nice to know under what conditions one might mirror
your work.

If you're at a loss for terms that you think might be applicable, some
options are at the bottom of these pages:


I'll be glad to discuss my rationale for each, off-list.  I'm not sure
it's on-topic for this forum (or of interest to it).

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