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Russell Nelson nelson at
Sun Aug 5 13:12:44 UTC 2001

Rick Moen writes:
 > On the matter under recent discussion, here's a clue:  The OSI
 > inadvertantly opened up what an enormous number of dim-witted corporate
 > executives saw as an _invitation_ to create new, one-off, gratuitously
 > incompatible licences for their individual companies, and submit them to
 > the OSI Board for certificaton.

Everybody complains about that, and we're dubious about the value of
it, but the good part about it is that 1) it's an open source license
which didn't exist before, 2) which will presumably be used to
distribute code which didn't exist before, 3) so its nonexistance
would also come with the nonexistance of the code it protects, and 4)
if the license really sucks that badly then nobody else will use it
other than its author.  Some of the licenses ARE innovative, and it's
not clear that we can reject the ones which aren't so innovative given 
that they comply with the open source definition.  And if we modified
the open source definition so it said "Licenses must not suck", we'd
have a hard time approving any licenses because all licenses suck for
one reason or another.

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