Is this better for tomsrtbt?

Tom Oehser tom at
Mon Apr 23 12:34:51 UTC 2001

> Did you provide a written offer, valid for at least three years, with
> TRB?
> While it may not be necessary to include the licenses on a floppy, I'd
> argue hard that the licenses should be distributed with the archive from
> which the boot floppy is created.
It is in the add-ons subdirectory, but I probably should move it to the
top level so that mirrors don't have any risk of missing it.  I think they
are all in fact mirroring it, but I'll move it to the top level now.  If
nothing else, your not seeing it means it needs to be more prominent.

Actually, on examination, I notice that it is bzip2-compressed, too, which
isn't helping to make it easy to click on...

Ok, I've make it more obvious and prominent, with a blatant link on the
download.html page, to the written offer and the tomsrtbt license and some
comments about tomsrtbt's source tree and the full GPL.  Take a look, just
go to and follow the download link then click the blatant


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