Need topic idea for Law school IP paper

Marc Goemans m.c.m.goemans at
Tue Apr 17 19:34:37 UTC 2001

try reading:

Varian and Shapiro's Information rules (commercial software and new ways of
commercial licensing), Eric Raymond's papers on the ideals behind free
software, try to get hold of some articles from columbia law review on
patentability versus copyrightability of software. Visit (check
out Kamiel Koelman's homepage), etc. etc. etc...



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Onderwerp: Need topic idea for Law school IP paper


I am a law student and computer programmer.  I am writing a paper for an
indepedent study this summer and need a topic.  The topic has to be in the
intellectual property field (copyright, patent ..) .  I am trying gather a
list of ideas.  If anyone has a suggestion on a good paper topic please let
me know.

chad philips

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