Open Software Side Effects

David Johnson david at
Mon Apr 16 14:38:05 UTC 2001

Switching topic titles...

On Sunday April 15 2001 09:29 pm, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> This goes beyond the legal issues of free software, but my own list of
> factors is slightly more extensive:
>   1. Development methodology...
>   2. A software architecture...
>   4. An economic model...
>   6. Open standards...

Since Frank's post was trying to list the necessary and sufficient factors 
for Open Source, it seemed as if you were trying to do the same. I would not 
characterize the above points as necessary attributes of Open Source. Rather, 
they are common side effects of Open Source. You could certainly have 
projects that are open but which don't have the above attributes, and you 
could have closed source projects that do.

Of course, projects that don't have the above factors would have a higher 
"forkability" attribute...

David Johnson

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