two new licenses approved

Ben Tilly ben_tilly at
Mon Apr 16 19:19:58 UTC 2001

"Ben Tilly" <ben_tilly at> wrote:
>Russell Nelson <nelson at> wrote:
>>We approved two new licenses. The
>>Sleepycat license is BSD with a required source disclosure term, and
>>the Nethask license is a GPL precursor.  Both are obviously open
>>source with no controversial terms whatsoever, but we needed them on
>>the approved list because some people wanted to certify software using
>>those licenses.
>Actually Sleepycat's license does have one term that caused
>discussion here in the past, and approving it clarifies one

Oops, used to have.

It appears that the license I am used to reading is not quite
the one that you approved.  Too bad.  I always thought that
the old one was an interesting compromise...

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