OpenLDAP license

David Johnson david at
Thu Apr 12 17:26:08 UTC 2001

On Thursday April 12 2001 11:33 pm, Frank Hecker wrote:

> You couldn't use the GPL for such a strategy (because presumably the
> binary version would be considered a derivative work and would have to
> be made available under GPL terms as well), but it seems as if you could
> use the MPL or non-copyleft licenses like the MIT or BSD licenses.

Yes you could do it under the GPL :-)

I think you're making it more confusing than it needs be. Simply have two 
distribution channels. One channel is Open Source and includes only the 
source code. The other channel is closed source and includes only the 
binaries. As the original author, you can do whatever you want. You are the 
licensor, and do not have to follow the rules of the licensee.

David Johnson

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