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on Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 10:19:56AM -0700, Laura Majerus (LMajerus at wrote:
> Does anybody have any information on the status of the next version of
> the GPL that I have been hearing rumors about? (Sorry in advance about
> the stupid confidentiality banner!)

The best source of information on this would be Richard Stallman
himself.  mailto:rms at

My understanding is that GPL v.3 has been under discussion for the past
couple of years.  Red Hat and IBM, among others, have been involved in
the discussions, though I don't know of specific contacts at either
company, or other participants in the discussion.  Progress is slow.
This may not be a bad thing.

Principle points under consideration, as I understand, are:

  - Strengthening or weakening scope of GNU GPL transmission to
    derivative works.  Currently this is based on the "link-layer
    boundary" -- linking to GPL'd code is considered to produce a
    derivative work.  New programming models change some of the
    fundamental assumptions.

  - Specific consideration of new/emerging technologies and trends.  In
    particular web-based applications, COM (common object model)
    software, and embedded systems.

  - Patent and trademark language.

  - Dual licensing.

Stallman has said that while he won't (and cannot) change the
fundamental nature of the GPL, he may make modifications in the spirit
of the GPL to accomplish its goals in a changing environment.

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