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Dave J Woolley david.woolley at
Fri Oct 20 10:53:45 UTC 2000

> From:	William Abernathy [SMTP:william at]
> > IV. The Software, or parts thereof, may be incorporated into other
> > software which is not freely redistributable (i.e. software for
> > which a fee is charged), as long as permission is granted from the
> > authors of the Software. The authors reserve the right to grant this
[DJW:]  A licence is just the giving of permission, so
all this is really saying is that the current licence
does not permit theses activities, but notes that the
copyright owners may be prepared to grant alternative
licenses.  They could always grant such licenses, unless
there were a contract to the contrary, or it would 
conflict with a licence applying to material they had used
which was not owned by them, so the fact that
they are willing doesn't seem to change the legal position,
and is therefore purely informative.


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