ADMIN - All contributions are being bounced to heder From:

Dave J Woolley david.woolley at
Thu Oct 19 10:23:20 UTC 2000

Apologies for sending this on list, but attempts to
communicate using a guessed list owner address failed
but didn't bounce and the ISP that is the target of
the relevant MX records says they are no longer customers
and disclaims responsiblity.

Ever since I subscribed to the list, every posting I
make, and I assume every posting anyone else makes,
receives a bounce like the following. Unfortunately
something (probably Exchange here - not my choice) 
strips the headers from the bounced message, so I
can't work out who is forwarding this.

However, someone is using broken mailing software to
forward contributions to the list to an invalid
address.  Some software in the chain is broken.  The
forwarding software should have set its own envelope
address to catch bounces, and definitely not copied the
header From: to the envelope.  Jaring should bounce to
the envelope address, and the list should set the 
list owner as the envelope address (Exchange/Outlook
strips the envelope, so I can't tell whether there is 
a problem with the list, but, generally, Unix based list
software gets it right).

This has been happening since at least late September.
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