External discussion of open source licenses for XNS

Adam C. Engst ace at xns.org
Wed Oct 4 20:03:36 UTC 2000

Hey folks,

Just a short note to invite anyone who's interested in helping the 
XNS Public Trust Organization (XNSORG) decide on the best open source 
license for the XNS technology to join the mailing list we've set up. 
Brian Behlendorf and Larry Rosen suggested that this license-discuss 
list was best for specific questions, so I'd like to use our list for 
the general discussion and only come back here for opinions on 
specifics. You can subscribe at <http://www.xns.org/lists/> or use 
the addresses below.

To subscribe, send an empty note to:
   <open-source-license-on at lists.xns.org>
To subscribe in digest mode, send an empty note to:
   <open-source-license-digest at lists.xns.org>
To unsubscribe, send an empty note to:
   <open-source-license-off at lists.xns.org>

If you haven't heard of XNS, it stands for eXtensible Name Service, 
and it's a new XML-based Internet technology platform for 
synchronized and privacy-protected information exchanges coupled with 
a naming system and governed by an independent non-profit (XNSORG). 
The code will be open source once it's prepped for release and once 
we settle on the appropriate open source license (very possibly one 
or more existing licenses). You can read a variety of white papers 
and other information on XNS at <http://www.xns.org/>. We very much 
want to do this right, but we're concerned that our situation may be 
a bit unusual, and since we're not experts in open source licensing, 
we wanted to involve those had more experience before coming up with 
something that would ruffle feathers unnecessarily.


cheers... -Adam

Adam C. Engst, XNSORG President                  XNS Name: =Adam Engst
                Email: <ace at xns.org>         Web: <http://www.xns.org/>

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