simpleLinux Open Documentation License (sLODL)

Dave J Woolley david.woolley at
Mon Oct 2 10:54:44 UTC 2000

> From:	SamBC [SMTP:sambc at]
> Really??? What was wrong with it - I did it all by hand, so I thought it
> wouldn't have any weirdness....
	[DJW:]  No DOCTYPE and blockquote immediately subordinate to ul, see

> What is the version number for 'current' w3c standard HTML? I will specify
> that as the example when I find out.
	4.01 for HTML, XHTML 1.0 for the latest released standard.
	Note that there are probably no fully compliant browsers
	for either of these.  CSS2 for style sheets.

> > The HTML document may well be auto-generated and not the true
> > revisable form document.
> Still transparent though - that is the condition, rather than the original
> form being required. You think I should speify original form?
	[DJW:]  That's weaker than the full GPL, which requires the
	form normally used for making changes.  Some people have
	proposed using obfuscated source to get round the GPL, but
	this requirement tends to invalidate that attack. 
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