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Fri Mar 31 00:18:48 UTC 2000

Justin Wells wrote:
> The consensus on the list (license-discuss at has been 
> that you should draft a license which you think fits the definition
> and simply start using it. If your software is important enough to 
> draw attention, then sooner or later someone will be interested in
> seeing to it that your license is compliant. At that point one of
> the OSI principals would likely approach you and your license would
> wind its way through the approval process.
> If you post your license to the license-discuss list you WILL likely
> get some useful feedback, but no approval, unless you are high 
> profile enough. In which case, go to Perens, etc., directly rather
> than via the list.

Well, it appears to me that Apache is kinda important enough and
would have drawn at least some attention. But what do I know???

PS: Yep, I'm CCing to to license-discuss at

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