Wired Article on the GPL

Chip Salzenberg chip at valinux.com
Wed Mar 29 23:49:49 UTC 2000

According to W . Yip:
> So long as the GPL perpetuates further redistribution, it is
> possible that M has not obtained 'all rights, if any'.


By releasing under the GPL, the original authors surrendered their
right to control GPL-compatible copying.  Having surrendered that
right, the original authors are not able to transfer it.

I seems to me that M has just paid money (a lot of money?  I dunno)
for the IP equivalent of the Brooklyn Bridge. [1]  All they really
purchased was the ability to create a prioprietary fork.

[1] For non-USAians: The Brooklyn Bridge used to be "sold" to gullible
    tourists through the semi-legal sale of 'any and all interest'
    that the con man held in the Bridge.  Which was, of course, zero.
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