can GPL apply to more than source and object code?

Michael Stutz stutz at
Sat Mar 25 23:20:03 UTC 2000

Nelson Rush wrote:

> Can the GPL apply to documentation, art, movies, models, game maps,
> etc.?

As it is written, it clearly applies only to software, so I would say
no. And I say that not without having tried; I tried for years and
admit to once being the leading proponent of this practice, but it
just does not work.

> I'm the leader of the QuakeForge project and we've been arguing about
> whether or not we should have a different license for each of these
> things.

The outcome of increased, unchecked specialization is extinction. The
growing multitude of specialized licenses under this approach will
drive you mad, and it does not account for postmodernism at all: what
happens when one wants to use part of a work in a different medium?

The DSL is a strong copyleft that is generalized, and can be applied
to any work recognized by copyright law. Maybe this is what you are
looking for?

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