Help on mail attachment

Raju cybercreations at
Sat Mar 25 05:07:29 UTC 2000

>That is, are you having trouble downloading license documents?

Anything being downloaded via ftp is very very slow when compared to those
that come along as email attachment.
>Are you wondering whether providing an e-mail responder is an appropriate
>way to provide access to source code as required by typical OSD-conforming

Not exactly. But I am sure there may be many like me, who would want an
option. On whether to download via ftp or have the material broken up as
fragments (say size below 1 MB) and have them sent as e-mail attachment.

>PLease narrow your question.

>PS: There are many ways for e-mail response systems to fail, although they
>may seem less time-consuming to recipients.  Wait until you can't get to
>accumulating mail in your in box because download of a note (or multiple
>notes) with giant attachments keeps failing and resetting your dial-up mail

Can a way be devised wherein we fix the size of the attachment, while
requesting ?

>fetch.  E-mail attachments are particularly difficult for transmittal of
>large files, the ones you seem to be observing as difficult by FTP.  And, I
>just yesterday saw a note on a site that had removed e-mail responders from
>its services because it was being used as an avenue for denial of service
>attacks against the responder service. -- dh.
In your view, is there a better alternative to receiving downloads via ftp ?

Roman  wrote:
>I don't think this is the fastest way.  Better yet to compress messages
>Macromedia Flash...
Can we do this for receiving downloads via ftp ?


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