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I completely agree with your point. This is a difficult issue. Copyeft is an
attempt to get around the scooping out problem. In doing so, it brings about
its own copyright problem.


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> On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Rod Dixon, J.D., LL.M. wrote:
> > Agreed. The difficulty, however, is that when something is added to the
> > public domain (which is becoming more and more difficult),
> anyone can scoop
> > it back out.
> You can "scoop" as much as you want out of the public domain, but it
> will still be there. Certainly someone could come along and use my
> public domain progam within their closed source software. They can put
> whatever copyrights and restrictions they want on it. But the original
> software is still there in the public domain.
> By putting a work into the public domain, you no longer have the
> property rights to restrict its usage in ways you disagree with. Only
> an owner can do that. In my mind, placing software under the GPL, or
> any other OSS license, is an explicit statement of ownership by both
> word and deed.
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