Looking to learn more about "EXCEPTIONS" -- gnu style

David Johnson arandir at meer.net
Thu Mar 9 03:28:56 UTC 2000

On Wed, 08 Mar 2000, Patrick Doyle wrote:

> Actually, I recall a similar problem with flex (or was it bison?).  They
> make use of skeleton files which were GPLed, and which appeared verbatim
> (plus the generated code) in the program's output. 

There is a similar problem with KDevelop. The skeleton KDE and Qt applications
have GPL headers on them. However, the created template applications are NOT
under the GPL. The manual clarifies this a bit, but I can see a lot of
confusion over it.  I wonder how many newbies learning Qt programming on
KDevelop think that they *have* to use the GPL?

David Johnson...

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