Should governmnet software be Open Source?

David Johnson arandir at
Thu Mar 9 03:12:21 UTC 2000

On Wed, 08 Mar 2000, Brice, Richard wrote:
> Here is a question I'd like to get some thoughts on... Should software
> written by our government be Open Source? After all, we pay for it. I think
> we be given the opportunity to find new and creative uses for it.

Of course! And more than that, it should be Public Domain! At the minimum, it
should have an unrestricted license like MIT or BSD. I would strongly disagree
with the GPL for the simple reason that Microsoft and Sun have to pay taxes as
well, so don't restrict their usage of it.

However, I would disagree with the government funding or mandating open source.
I don't feel that it is their role to determine or influence the development
models used by the software industry.

David Johnson...

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