How To Break The GPL

cszigetv csaba.szigetvari at
Wed Mar 8 09:17:58 UTC 2000

> "Why should we care how the laws against robbery are drafted?
If Alice doesn't care, at least we should care. 

The point I wanted to make (not clear enough as it seems) is that a license
is only part of protecting the GPL source base. The license by itself will
probably not be enough to do the job, no matter what wording you use.
There has to be someone or some organization behind it, and for that
its good to have RMS and the FSF, despite of some harsh and sometimes
statements. Another candidate could be RedHat, they seem to be financially
strong enough to enforce a lawsuit in case of need. And they are present
globally (more or less). Though I don't know if they want to get involved
in something like this...

> Most robbers are never captured."
This by itself doesn't mean that robbery is acceptable, IMHO.

---Csaba Szigetvári

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