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Andrew J Bromage ajb at
Wed Feb 16 05:02:01 UTC 2000

G'day all.

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 08:07:07PM -0800, David Johnson wrote:

> Actually, my dictionary has 17 definitions.

Yes.  That's why I said "at least three".  I think those three
definitions are the ones most likely to be confused by the term "free
software".  It could mean "free" as opposed to "costly" (freeware),
"free" as opposed to "encumbered" (MIT/new BSD) or "free" as opposed to
"enslaved" (GPL).

> Using Richard's definitions, "Free Software" is as unrelated to "Free Speech"
> as it is to "Free Beer".

"Free speech" is closest to what he is trying to achieve.

At the risk of looking like wanting to have the last word, I hereby
mention Hitler and thereby close this thread before the inevitable
flamefest from my little soapbox speech gets out of control.

Back to the OSI certification process discussion...

Andrew Bromage

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