BSD / GPL compatibility

Ian Grigg iang at
Tue Feb 15 20:57:02 UTC 2000

> The "new BSD" and the equivalent MIT license are compatible with the
> GPL; the "old BSD" license with the advertising requirement is not.
> In general, a license is compatible with the GPL if it imposes the
> same, or fewer, restrictions than the GPL.

Does the BSD licence give a user the right to distribute covered
code under the GPL?  That is what it needs to permit, if the GPL
is to be satisfied, AFAIK.  And neither the new nor old permit
you to do that, just use it according to the restrictions.

(Some distributed versions of BSD covered code included a comment
at the end clarifying that you didn't have the right to change
the licence.)

I'd appreciate a definitive answer on this, as it seems to be a
continuing source of confusion.


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