License Approval Process

Michael Stutz stutz at
Tue Feb 15 18:48:50 UTC 2000

Richard Brice wrote:

> You can't use source code licensed with License X with source code
> licensed with License Z (ok, that's a generalization but I don't
> think it is too far off the mark).

Is it *possible* for a license to be compatible with another? Offhand
I can think of just two possibilities for the GPL: the LGPL, and code
that has no license and is in the public domain.

Might dual-licensing apply for some of the organizations who are
toying with writing a GPL clone -- as copyright holder, couldn't they
release their code under both the GPL (or whatever license they
chose), and also license the program under some other terms as needed?

[Can anyone point me to any resources on the issue of license

> We support all of the concepts of in the GPL, however the
> disclaimers and "lack of warranty" statements aren't specific enough
> (at least that is what the lawyer told me).

Did the lawyer mean that it was not specific enough about your
particular organization or software, or that it was not specific
enough about exactly what is being disclaimed? If the latter, I'd like
to hear what the lawyer had to say!

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