License Approval Process

David Johnson arandir at
Tue Feb 15 04:19:01 UTC 2000

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Chris F Clark wrote:

> The list is supposedly part of a process to certify licenses as "open
> source".  There seems to be no indication that they will ever certify
> any new licenses (other than from "very large corporations") as
> qualifying.  Among the licenses that have not been certified were ones
> that were essentially trivial modifications to already approved
> licenses.

The "trivial modifications" are probably the very reason why they aren't
getting approved. Bruce and Eric have always attempted to convince the VLC's to
use the existing licenses. Why should they be any different with all the GPL
and MIT clones?

And you're also forgetting the "idiot filter" quality of this list. Someone
submits a license. Everyone proceeds to call in the question the submitter's
ancestry or proclivities. The submitters leaves in disgust. Those that do
manage to stick around after the first two rounds of abuse end up getting a
good hearing.

I do recall a new certification within the past six months, and it was not from
one of the VLC's. Just because there is no fanfare on this list does not mean
that some aren't getting approved. What OSI really needs to do is keep the list
updated better.


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