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Wes Bethel, R3vis Corporation wbethel at r3vis.com
Mon Feb 14 14:24:16 UTC 2000

>In defence of OSI, it may be that there isn't a real mechanism in place to 
>handle what is probably a growing flood of requests for license approval. I 

related, one other reader pointed out the desire of OSI to reasonably 
contain the number of, and encourage the use of the 
"pre-approved" licenses. i have to agree with him.

the list of pre-approved licenses seems to vary widely in terms of 
general vs. specific use. for example, L/GPL are very general. on the
other hand, MPL has a lot of Netscape-centric language that *must be
changed* prior to it's use for a project other than Mozilla. do those
changes constitute a new license? 

in the specific case of using MPL for a new open source project, which 
is currently in my crosshairs, a better solution might be an MPL 1.2
that preserves the core of MPL, but which provides more "fill in these
blanks" to allow cusomization of the license to a specific project.

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