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Rafi M. Goldberg rafimg at
Sun Feb 13 23:40:26 UTC 2000

At 6:32 PM -0500 2/13/00, Hollenbeck, Scott wrote:
>Can someone clarify the license approval process for me, please?  I sent a
>draft license to license-approval last week and again a few moments ago, but
>there does not appear to be a way to confirm that the request has been
>received or is being considered

Join the club, Scott.  I submitted a license months ago and haven't 
heard a thing.  Others have had similar experiences as well.  In 
fact, I don't think any new licenses have been approved under the 
certification program.

It is unfortunate that the powers that be @ only seem 
to be interested in gaining the support of large corporations and 
those who decide to just use an existing license...  I hope that's 
not actually the case, but it doesn't look good.

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