GPL kernel clients

Daryl Coston costond at
Fri May 28 12:22:28 UTC 1999

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On Thu, 27 May 1999, John Cowan wrote:

> Bruce Perens scripsit:
> > If your "kernel" lives in the same address space as the client program,
> > like a shared library, the client would be considered a derived work. If
> > it communicates over an inter-process-communication interface, it would
> > not be considered a derived work. But the actual language of the GPL
> > is vague about this, which is a good reason for using the LGPL.
> So a Linux kernel on a VAX, where system and user code share the same
> address space, would bring every app running on it under the GPL?
> I don't think shared address space can be the relevant parameter.
> Note that the Linux kernel explicitly disclaims GPL tainting of
> applications that use it.
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