New to open source - Building a product

Bruce Perens bruce at
Wed May 26 19:48:28 UTC 1999

From: "Wysocki, Andy" <AWysocki at>
> Can I sell the code I wrote and ship the code and source for the H323 stack?

This depends on what license the stack has - you didn't mention it.

It's possible for you to sell any Open Source program, though your income
might be limited because the people you sell it to can give it away. It's
also possible for you to sell a non-Open-Source program with some Open Source
components, depending on what license those components have. For example, the
LGPL, BSD, APSL, and Netscape licenses would allow it, the GPL would not.

> Could I use the OpenSource logo for the h323 stack or does the whole product
> have to be opensource??

I doubt you'd be allowed to use the Open Source trademark for a product with
non-Open-Source components.

> I understand I can build a product that runs on Linux and charge for it, but
> how about a product that is compiled and built out of licensed code and
> OpenSource code?

"Licensed" is the wrong word, use "proprietary". Most Open Source code has a
license, except in one case: "public domain" code has had its copyright
abandoned, and anyone can treat that code as if they own it.



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