GPL and LGPL question

Bruce Perens bruce at
Wed May 19 14:47:23 UTC 1999

> I can't make any money off of
> that code with programs that I DON'T want to release the source for.

I think you may be suffering from a common misconception. As the
copyright holder, you may release your code under _any_number_ of
licenses _simultaneously_. The GPL does not tie your hands from doing
so. It only gives you a few obligations to people to whom you distributed
a GPL version, and only for _that_version_.

To reiterate, GPL-ing something does not bind you to use the GPL _exclusively_,
and does not prevent you from putting a commercial license on your own work
and making money from it right now.

I'm quite sure about this. Is it not what you were told on the kernel list?



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