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Mon May 17 21:33:56 UTC 1999

XXX has contacted us, and is disappointed that the following message
is the only discussion of this license.

bruce at writes:
 > XXX #4 is interesting.
 > Do 4(a) and 4(b) apply _only_ to the exclusion of losses from IP claims, or to
 > the entire one-sentence paragraph? This would read more clearly if broken up
 > into at least two sentences.
 > Could a commercial distributor be bound to cooperate with a settlement if the
 > settlement was a blanket termination of the license for the entire program?
 > It treats commercial and non-commercial contributors differently, or commercial
 > products and non-commercial products differently. I think this runs awry of
 > OSD #6.
 > 	Thanks
 > 	Bruce

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