A new open source license

Matěj Cepl Cepl at fpm.cz
Mon May 17 15:09:43 UTC 1999

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> But if you do do them anyway, you've broken the copyright law, not
> accepted
> the license.
	[MCepl]  You don't, if you do them on GNU/GPL (X Windows, BSD,
etc.) licencsed program, because the exact way how to accept such
create. Did you ever signed GPL offered to you by author? I am not with

> I don't know if there is such a thing as "accepted by conduct" in US
> copyright law (I haven't heard anything about Czech law, of course).
	[MCepl]  Certainly, that it does exist. When one company sends
an order to other for one tone of hazelnuts and other does not send an
acceptation notification, but rather the cargo of hazelnuts itself, it
is exactly acceptance of contract by conduct. It happens every day
thousand times. See §50(2), §53, and §54 of Restatement 2nd on Contracts
(pp. 106-107 in edition of Farnsworh & Young, Foundation Press, 1992).

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> And even
> if there is, it might not apply if accepting the license violates some
> _other_
> law (re: MOSIX).

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